Day of The Flowers

On the features front, I am pleased to say that John Roberts film; Day of the Flowers starring Eva Birtistle, Charity Wakefield and Carlos Acosta screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and is waiting on a UK release date.  Shot on location in Cuba and Glasgow. It was a terrific adventure and considering the significant obstacles we had to overcome to get it done: searing heat, nearly 9 weeks of night shoots, a pretty challenging budget and some fairly basic facilities (see costume truck above), it looks awesome!


Aunt Bessie’s

Look out for the two new Sainsbury’s commercials, “Roasties,” and “Casserole,” directed by Martha Delap at Another Film Company, guaranteed to get you in the mood for comfort eating as the nights draw in. Also for Another, is the Aunt Bessie’s “Invite” commercial by the inimitable Jeff Stark. A combination of high camp and Northern grit, costume-wise. Think Nora Batty meets Barbara Cartland.


Filthy Boy


It’s been a lively year on the Promo’s front: David Mould at 76 Films directed two new promos for Labrinth and Delilah, both of which can be seen on this site.  Then there is Gerald McMorrow’s noir-ish film for Filthy Boy; a naughty Betty Page homage, which we couldn’t’ have pulled off without the generous support of What Katie Did, who provided all the fabulous lingerie.

Shakespeare Unlocked

A massive leap then, from E4’s The Midnight Beast to the BBC’s Shakespeare Unlocked Season.  Ben Newman of Pulse Films directed a beautiful trailer covering 5 of Shakespeare’s most loved works, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Henry V, The Tempest and a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  He wanted the costumes to have a contemporary slant, referencing a signature piece from Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer collection for Juliet’s dress.  And so, in 4 days we designed and made a couture dress. Here it is in all its stages.

The Midnight Beast



The year started with the madness of The Midnight Beast, the E4 comedy show directed by Ben Gregor for Warp Films.  We literally made everything: Ninja’s, Tramps, Superhero’s, straight jackets, and animal suits.  Everyday was a new costume-making marathon, we even made clothes out of clothes. A huge thank you to Elle Kent (pictured below in Monkey head), Charmaine Param, Cesca Dvorak and Diana Castaldi who literally worked their little stitching fingers untill they bled! And to Lazy Oaf, Nike and Famous for their sponsorship.  It’s a cheeky number that I am very proud of, full of puerile fun and a heck of a lot of costume changes.